4-bit color is a color depth that can allow for up to 4 grays, or 4 colors assigned by a color lookup table (CLUT). This is referred to as "4 colors" on classic Macintosh systems, and the CGA standard by PC users.

Color palettes[edit | edit source]

When the cost of video RAM was high, early computers used color palettes to improve the appearance of graphics with a limited number of colors.

Apple Computer[edit | edit source]

Though Apple Computer's early Macintosh systems supported a 4-color or grayscale mode, most were capable of displaying more colors. The only system to ship with a maximum 2-bit display configuration was the PowerBook 150.[1]

IBM[edit | edit source]

IBM implemented the Color Graphics Adapter standard on their first IBM Personal Computer.

NeXT[edit | edit source]

NeXT's first NeXTcube computer implemented support for a 2-bit grayscale megapixel display.

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