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Adobe Captivate, formerly RoboDemo, is an authoring tool from Adobe for online learning content. The authoring application itself only supports Windows-based computers, but the output can be viewed through a web browser.

Product history[]

Flash Cam box

Box design of Flash Cam

The product began at Nexus Concepts in 2001 as a simple Flash-based screen recording utility known as Flash Cam.[1] It evolved into an e-learning authoring tool after San Diego-based eHelp Corporation acquired Flash Cam and released it as RoboDemo in May 2002.[2] Macromedia acquired eHelp to gain RoboDemo and renamed it Macromedia Captivate, which was released in October 2004.[3] Adobe Systems then acquired Macromedia in December 2005,[4] and renamed the next version to Adobe Captivate 2, which was released in September 2006.[5]


Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe Captivate 9 added support for publishing to Adobe's own server-based learning management system (LMS) called Adobe Captivate Prime.[6]

From Adobe Captivate 2017 onward, dates were used for marketing instead of version numbers; it was also included as part of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2017. In November 2018, Adobe Contribute's web site was redirected to Captivate 2019,[7] after Contribute (another legacy product from Macromedia) had been declared "end of life".[8]


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