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Adobe Gallery Effects 1.5 vol

Adobe Gallery Effects 1.5, vol.1

Adobe Gallery Effects, formerly Aldus Gallery Effects, was a set of graphical plug-ins that were originally developed by Silicon Beach Software for Aldus Corporation and then acquired by Adobe Systems.[1][2] They have since become part of Adobe Photoshop's default set of filter effects.


  • Volume 1: Chalk & Charcoal, Craquelure, Emboss, Fresco, Graphic Pen, Spatter, and more.
  • Volume 2: Angled Strokes, Glowing Edges, Note Paper, Patchwork, Stamp, Texturizer, and more.
  • Volume 3: Crosshatch, Cutout, Glass, Neon Glow, Reticulation, Sponge, and more.


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