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Adobe GoLive was a WYSIWYG HTML editor marketed by Adobe Systems.


GoLive was originally created by GoNet Communication, which became GoLive Systems.[1] Adobe acquired GoLive in 1999 to replace its own struggling PageMill product.[2][3] However, Adobe GoLive soon met fierce competition from Macromedia Dreamweaver. In April 2005, Adobe and Macromedia announced that the companies and their product lines would be merged.[4]

After Adobe's acquisition was completed in December 2005,[5] GoLive was replaced by Dreamweaver CS3 in Adobe Creative Suite 3.[3] Development and sales of GoLive 9, the final version, ended on April 28, 2008. GoLive users were offered upgrades to Adobe Dreamweaver along with a GL2DW site migration extension and guide.[6]

Release history[]

Version Code Name Supported Platforms Release Date
GoLive 1.0 Classic Mac OS June 1996
GoLive 1.1 Pro Classic Mac OS August 1996
GoLive CyberStudio 1 Classic Mac OS April 1997
GoLive CyberStudio 2 Classic Mac OS September 1997
GoLive CyberStudio 3 Classic Mac OS April 1998
Adobe GoLive 4 Classic Mac OS January 1999
Adobe GoLive 4 Microsoft Windows May 1999
Adobe GoLive 5 The Fifth Element Classic Mac OS, Microsoft Windows August 2000
Adobe GoLive 6 The 6th Day Classic Mac OS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows February 2002
Adobe GoLive CS (7) Se7en Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows October 2003
Adobe GoLive CS2 (8) Reloaded Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows April 2005
Adobe GoLive 9 Vicious Universal Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows June 2007


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