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Adobe Graphics Server, formerly Adobe AlterCast, was server-based asset management software from Adobe Systems for version tracking of graphics assets in production workflows.

Product history[]

AlterCast 1.0 shipped on January 28, 2002. Pricing was set at US$7,500 per CPU, up to $60,000 for eight or more CPUs.[1]

AlterCast 1.5 became available on March 4, 2002 as a free update to existing users. It included Java, Perl, and .NET APIs to allow developers access server functions over the internet.[2]

Graphics Server 2.0 was announced on September 9, 2002 and shipped on December 2, 2002 with new automation features.[3][4]


Graphics Server 2.1 was the final version. Development and sales ended on November 1, 2008. Adobe recommended that users migrate to Adobe Scene7, which included similar functionality.[5]


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