Adobe LiveCycle Designer, formerly Adobe Form Designer, was a WYSIWYG design tool developed by Adobe Systems for creating electronic forms templates for use with other software from the Adobe LiveCycle suite. It superseded Adobe Output Designer and was only available for Windows.

Product historyEdit

Early historyEdit

The origins of the software began in 1988 as Per:FORM by Canadian developer Delrina Technology.[1] Per:FORM was a WYSIWYG DOS-based competitor to the Windows-based JetForm Design,[2] which would later become Adobe Output Designer.[3] Delrina introduced FormFlow in 1993 as a Windows-based successor to PerForm Pro Plus.[4] In 1995, Delrina was acquired by Symantec,[5] which sold Delrina's electronic forms business to JetForm Corporation in September 1996.[6] JetForm became Accelio on September 17, 2001,[7] and then was acquired by Adobe on April 15, 2002.[8]

Release historyEdit


In 2014, the LiveCycle suite was superseded by Adobe Experience Manager Forms.[15] Core support for LiveCycle ES4 ended in March 2018.[16]


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