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Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2) was the second major suite of the LiveCycle server-based Java EE applications from Adobe Systems, for automating business processes for enterprises and government agencies.

Product history[]

LiveCycle ES2 was released in October 2009, superseding the first LiveCycle ES. It was updated to ES2.5 on October 25, 2010 and then succeeded by LiveCycle ES3 on March 13, 2012.[1]


Enterprise rich internet applications (RIAs)

  • Adobe LiveCycle Mosaic ES2
  • Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2
  • Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service

Business process management

  • Adobe LiveCycle Process Management ES2
  • Adobe LiveCycle Business Activity Monitoring ES2
  • Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES2

Forms automation

  • Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES2
  • Adobe LiveCycle Reader® Extensions ES2

Communications management

Document and information security

  • Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2
  • Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES2


  1. Adobe Announces LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 3, Adobe Systems. 2012-03-13. Archived 2012-03-14.

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