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Adobe Output Designer, formerly JetForm Design, was a WYSIWYG design tool marketed by Adobe Systems for creating electronic document templates for use with other software from the Central Output Server family. Document designs can support multiple printer output formats, such as Adobe PostScript, PCL5, PCL-XL, PDF.

Product history[]

The software began as JetForm Design by Canadian developer Indigo Software,[1] which was established in 1982 and later became known as JetForm Corporation.[2] JetForm became Accelio on September 17, 2001,[3] and then was acquired by Adobe on April 15, 2002.[4] Some of the original staff regrouped in Australia as Indigo Pacific,[5] which developed electronic forms for sister product Adobe LiveCycle.[6]


In February 2013, Adobe announced the end of life of the Adobe Central Output Server family of products, with support ending on June 30, 2016. Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4 was a recommended replacement.[7] Many of the features from Adobe Central Output Server and Adobe LiveCycle were later migrated to Adobe Experience Manager Forms.[8]


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