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Adobe PageMill 1.0 is the first version of PageMill, released by Adobe Systems solely for Macintosh in November 1995.[1][2]

Product history[]

PageMill (along with SiteMill) was originally announced by developer Ceneca Communications in August 1995 at Macworld Expo in Boston, where it was called the "PageMaker" of the web and the 90's. The projected list price for PageMill was US$195.[3][4] Adobe announced their acquisition of Ceneca the following month.[5]

PageMill shipped over 30,000 units in its first month of availability, at a promotional price of US$99 until the end of January 1996.[2] Version 1.0J was released for the Japanese market on June 3, 1996. It was also localized into French and German.[6] The last update was version 1.0.2.


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