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Adobe Persuasion 4.0 was the final version of the Persuasion series of presentation applications that were marketed by Aldus Corporation and Adobe Systems.


Back of package

  • Drag-and-drop import of images, graphics files, multimedia elements, and web addresses.
  • Support for creating and delivering web presentations.
  • One-step conversion to Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
  • Adobe Acrobat Distiller and Acrobat Reader included.
  • New or enhanced palettes, including the new Layers palette.
  • Macintosh and Windows versions included on the same CD-ROM with file interchangeability.

Product history[]

Persuasion 4.0 was released on November 18, 1996 and was discontinued on September 1, 1997.[1][2]


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Discontinued on September 1, 1997