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Adobe SpeedGrade was a professional color correction application that was developed and marketed by Adobe.


SpeedGrade was originally developed by IRIDAS and first released in 2003 as SpeedGrade RT, with non-destructive GPU-based color grading. SpeedGrade DI was released in 2005, which featured the first film finishing solution based on real-time GPU processing. SpeedGrade OnSet was released in 2006, with support for a new .look file format for cinematographers. SpeedGrade XR was released in 2008, with support for RAW workflows. In spring 2011, Lumetri technology was introduced with SpeedGrade NX, which added support for stereoscopic functionality.[1] On September 8, 2011, Adobe Systems announced that it had acquired IRIDAS' technologies and incorporated SpeedGrade into its product line.[2]

Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 was announced by Adobe on April 23, 2012 as part of Creative Suite 6, which was scheduled to ship on May 7.[3] On August 22, 2017, Adobe ended development of SpeedGrade CC as a standalone application and advised users to migrate to Lumetri Color tools built into Premiere Pro CC.[4] Users who wish to continue using the last released version of SpeedGrade (CC 2015) with newer versions of Premiere Pro (CC 2017 and later) can use PProBCC to convert project files for backwards compatibility.[5]


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