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Adobe Summit, formerly Omniture Summit, is a bi-annual event held by Adobe in which enterprise customers are presented with solutions for advertising, analytics, marketing automation, commerce, and managing customer experiences.


The event was first held in March 2003 as the Omniture Summit by Omniture for product training and technology demonstrations. Early conferences were typically followed by a day of complimentary skiing at the Snowbird Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah. Omniture was acquired by Adobe Systems on October 23, 2009.[1] Adobe participated in the 2010 events and renamed it to Adobe Omniture Summit in 2011. By 2012, the Omniture brand was retired and the event's name was shortened to simply Adobe Summit in 2013.[2]

North American events[]


Keynote stage at Omniture Summit 2010


Adobe Summit EMEA 2011 - A Taylor Bennett Partners Event

International events[]

Omniture originally held international conferences and seminars at numerous locations around the world. These events were consolidated in London, England under the management of Adobe and Taylor Bennett Partners to focus on the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market.


See also[]

  • Adobe MAX, a trade show event for creative users.

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