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Adobe Type On Call was an on-demand typeface library distributed by Adobe Systems on CD-ROM. The disc was available at a nominal cost (US$69) and included 30 pre-selected PostScript Type 1 fonts along with 2 more that the purchaser could select from a list. The remainder of the fonts were encrypted and could be unlocked through additional payment over the phone or the internet.

Product history[]

Type On Call 4.0.2 was released on May 8, 1995 with over 2,000 encrypted fonts and support for Unix-based systems for the first time.[1] In 1996, version 4.1 contained over 2,100 fonts. By 1998, version 4.2 contained over 2,300 fonts.


As wider internet access made direct e-commerce more practical, the CD-ROM became obsolete and the Type On Call web page redirected to Adobe's online type collections by March 2000.[2]


See also[]

  • Adobe Font Folio, which contains Adobe's entire unlocked typeface library for a single upfront payment.

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