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Adobe Version Cue
Adobe Version Cue CS3+CS4 icon
Adobe Version Cue CS
Initial release CS / October 27, 2003 [1]
Latest release CS4 / October 2008
OS Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Genre Collaborative workspace
License Proprietary
Website Adobe Version Cue

Adobe Version Cue was revision control software from Adobe Systems that enabled users to track files through file metadata. Information about the history of supported media files could be automated or collaboratively reviewed by groups of multiple users.

Version Cue Server is one of the components of the larger suite of tools in Adobe Bridge. The server software uses Java to run the synchronization server and JavaFaces to create a web-based admin portal. The portal reveals that running an instance of the Version Cue server also launches an embedded instance of the MySQL database server. This will not interfere with any existing MySQL installations.

Release history[]

Adobe Version Cue CS icon


Version Cue was discontinued from Adobe Creative Suite 5, but a migration path from CS4 was possible through the use of Adobe Drive 2 with Bridge CS5.[4][5] However, Adobe Drive itself was phased out by December 2017. Adobe recommended that Drive users migrate to Adobe Experience Manager's desktop app.[6]


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Adobe Version Cue
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