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CS4 Master Collection box

  • 2008 September 23: Adobe officially announced the applications for Creative Suite 4.
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CS3 Design Premium

  • 2007 March 27: Adobe's CS3 launch event took place, announcing details about Creative Suite 3.

Events on this wikiEdit

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  • 2008 July 23: Our final logo change for a long time, the current one is based off Adobe's current product scheme and has a stylized Adobe logo. The new favicon is based off the logo.

  • 2008 July 6: We've replaced the yellow headers with #222222 grey, but are keeping the yellow Wikia logo and menu buttons to make them stand out. The left sidebar in Monaco has been changed so people looking for Creative Suite information can find it instantly.

  • 2008 July 1: Our main page is now following the 300px right column layout as Wikia's New Style describes.

  • 2008 June 29: We have moved to our own Brick-based Monaco CSS file. The Wiki logo was changed and the background bar now has a CS2/CS3 inspired image.