Dewikipediafy means to adapt an article so it no longer just mirrors an article from the Wikipedia.

You may need to remove to non-Adobe or non-technology related links if they are not informative in the context of the article.

Steps to DewikipediafyingEdit

This is what to do after taking an article from the Wikipedia:

  • Links: Try to relink any broken red links within the Adobe Wiki (naming convention may be different). Also try to link to different Fandom projects, if informative pages can be found. This helps support traffic to other Fandom projects.
    • To link to another Fandom project page, use the syntax [[w:c:fandom prefix:pagename]], where "article" is the name of the page and "fandom prefix" is the prefix in the other project's URL.
    • To link to a Wikipedia page (if one can't be found on your own project), use the syntax [[wikipedia:pagename|pagename]] or [[wp|pagename]] or {{w|pagename}}.
    • To link to a Wikimedia Commons page, use the syntax [[commons:pagename]].
  • Rewrite: If necessary, rewrite the article to better fit the context of the history of Adobe. Try not to do it all at once, but do it in sections. If you do it in small steps, then it is often easier.
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