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Aldus Corporation was a software company that had developed PageMaker and marketed FreeHand.


Aldus was founded by Paul Brainerd, Jeremy Jaech, Mark Sundstrom, Mike Templeman, and Dave Walter in Seattle, Washington in February 1984.[1] In the fall of 1987, Aldus licensed a graphical program from Altsys Corporation and released it as Aldus FreeHand,[2] with Altsys retaining development rights.[3]

Mergers and acquisitions[]

Silicon Beach Software shell logo

Logo of Silicon Beach Software at the time of its acquisition by Aldus.

In February 1990, Aldus announced its intention to acquire Silicon Beach Software,[4] which was completed for US$25.5 million in stock.[5] Aldus appointed Bruce Chizen as the VP and general manager of the studio in San Diego.[6]

Aldus itself was absorbed by Adobe Systems in a merger that was completed on August 31, 1994.[7][8] Altsys sued to regain marketing rights to FreeHand, citing a non-compete clause because of Adobe's development of Adobe Illustrator.[9] Other products from the Aldus line were rebranded to Adobe in May 1995.[10] By December 2000, Bruce Chizen had become the CEO of Adobe.[11]



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