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Aldus IntelliDraw was a vector-based graphics application program that was published by Aldus Corporation.

Product history[]


Aldus IntelliDraw™ Demo

The development of IntelliDraw was led by Jonathan Gay of Silicon Beach Software, a subsidiary of Aldus.[1][2] Version 1.0 for Macintosh and Windows was released in 1992.[3][4] Gay also created a similar program for PenPoint OS called SmartSketch, which would eventually evolve into Flash.[1]

Though version 2.0 was announced at Macworld Expo in 1993,[5] it did not ship until early 1994.[6][7] On August 31, 1994, Aldus was merged into Adobe Systems.[8][9] The sole version of IntelliDraw released by Adobe was a 1996 update to version 2.0 for compliance with Windows 95.[10] IntelliDraw was later discontinued and its drawing engine was incorporated into Adobe PageMaker 6.[11]


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