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Allaire Corporation was a computer software software company that had developed ColdFusion, HomeSite, and JRun before being acquired by Macromedia.


Jeremy Allaire Macromedia photo

Jeremy Allaire

Allaire 1998 logo

Allaire logo in 2001

Allaire was founded by Jeremy Allaire and Joseph J. Allaire in Minnesota, and was later headquartered in Cambridge, then Newton, Massachusetts. Allaire first released Cold Fusion 1.0 in 1995.[1] In March 1997, Allaire acquired HomeSite,[2] which became the foundation of ColdFusion Studio, an integrated development environment for the ColdFusion platform. On June 15, 1999, Allaire announced the acquisition of Live Software, the developer of JRun.[3]

Macromedia absorbed Allaire Corporation through a merger that was completed on March 20, 2001.[4] Jeremy Allaire became Chief Technology Officer of Macromedia from 2001 to 2003,[5] and remained involved with the company as founder emeritus.[6] Macromedia itself was acquired by Adobe Systems in December 2005.[7]

Allaire HomeSite+ColdFusion 4 boxes

Allaire's last major releases of HomeSite and ColdFusion.


Many of HomeSite's features were integrated into what became Adobe Dreamweaver,[8] and Adobe ColdFusion remains available from Adobe to this day.


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