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Authorware Professional, formerly Best Course of Action, was the flagship product of Authorware Inc. before it merged with MacroMind-Paracomp to become Macromedia.[1]


Dr. Michael W. Allen of Control Data Corporation (CDC) developed a visual version of PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations). When CDC expressed little interest in the project, Allen was permitted to to make a bid for the technology.[2] He then founded the Authorware company in 1984, which was incorporated the following year.[3]

The project was first released as Best Course of Action for Macintosh before being renamed to Authorware Professional.[4][5] The filetype of early versions was COA. The Windows version had been scheduled for 1990, but was finally released in 1992.[1] The Authorware company also provided consulting services for commercial users.[6]


  • Authorware Professional 1.0, for commercial use, with a list price of US$8,000.[7] A 50% discount was offered to developers who participated in its Creative Partners program.[8]
  • Authorware Star, an entry level version at lower cost,[9] sometimes bundled with other products.[10]


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