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Authorware Inc., based in Minneapolis, was the original developer and marketer of the Authorware interactive learning system.[1]


Dr. Michael W. Allen of Control Data Corporation (CDC) developed a visual version of PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations). When CDC expressed little interest in the project, Allen was permitted to to make a bid for the technology.[2] He then founded the Authorware company in 1984, which was incorporated the following year.[3] Authorware captured 80% of the computer-based learning market in about 3 years; 30% of the company's revenue came from consulting services.[1]

Bud Colligan Macromedia photo 1992

Bud Colligan in 1992


Authorware Inc. merged with MacroMind-Paracomp to form Macromedia in March 1992. Authorware CEO Bud Colligan became president and COO of the combined company.[4] In December 2005, Macromedia itself was acquired by Adobe Systems.[5] In August 2007, Adobe announced that Authorware development would be discontinued as the eLearning market had migrated to its Flash and Captivate products.[6][7]


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