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Day Software AG was a Swiss company that created the underlying technology of Adobe Experience Manager.[1]


The predecessor to the company was founded in 1993 as Bidule AG in Basel, Switzerland.[2][3] On August 13, 1999, Bidule merged with Day Interactive Switzerland AG to form the Day Group.[4] Day's primary product, Communiqué ("CQ") was based on its ContentBus architecture and was launched in early 2000 as a set of CGI scripts for Netscape Enterprise Server.[1]

Acquisition by Adobe[]

Day Communiqué CQ5 logo

Logo of Day CQ5

After CQ 5.3 had been released,[1] Adobe Systems announced that it would acquire Day Software Holding AG for US$240 million (CHF255 million).[5] The acquisition was completed on October 29, 2010.[6] Communiqué was briefly rebranded as Adobe CQ,[7] and then became Adobe Experience Manager.[8]


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