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Elemental Software Drumbeat 2

Elemental Software's Drumbeat 2.0

Elemental Software was a software developer in Carlsbad, California that had originally created Drumbeat 2000 before being acquired by Macromedia.


Elemental Software was co-founded by Peter S. Hirshberg in 1996 and released Drumbeat 1.0 in 1997.[1] Early investors included Microsoft and financier George Soros.[2] Drumbeat 2.0 shipped on June 2, 1998.[3] Drumbeat 2000 shipped in March 1999,[1] followed by eStore Builder for Drumbeat 2000 to support the growing market of internet retailers.[4]

On July 6, 1999, Elemental entered into an agreement to be acquired by Macromedia within 45 days in exchange for 625,000 shares of Macromedia stock worth approximately US$24 million.[5][6] The acquisition was completed on October 4, 1999.[7]


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