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Fauve Software was a computer software software company that created Fauve Matisse and xRes, before being acquired by Macromedia.


Fauve was founded in 1992 by Fred Krueger and Richard Krueger in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their first product, Matisse, was released in 1993.[1]

After its acquisition of Fauve in August 30, 1995,[2] Macromedia briefly continued to market Matisse and xRes 1 from Fauve's existing product line. The features of Matisse's painting and layer features were combined with the xRes high-resolution image editing engine into Macromedia xRes 2.[3] Macromedia itself was acquired by Adobe Systems in December 2005.[4]


Many of Matisse's and xRes's features were integrated into what became Adobe Fireworks.[1][5]


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