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GoLive Systems was the original developer of GoLive CyberStudio, which later became Adobe GoLive.


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The company was founded in Hamburg, Germany as GoNet Communication GmbH in 1996. The founders had previously developed what became PrimeBase for P.INK Software Engineering GmbH. GoNet Communication Inc. was formed in Menlo Park, California as a privately-held subsidiary to support GoLive Pro, which had become their flagship product.[1]

GoLive 1998 logo

GoLive logo in 1998

On January 8, 1997, with the announcement of GoLive CyberStudio at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, GoNet Communication Inc. in Menlo Park also renamed itself to GoLive Systems, Inc.[2] In January 1999, Adobe Systems acquired GoLive Systems and its development team.[3] GoNet continued in Germany as an IT consulting business. Adobe GoLive CS became one of the core applications of Adobe Creative Suite.[4]

In December 2005, Adobe acquired Macromedia and its competing Dreamweaver development team.[5] The technical product manager of Dreamweaver at Macromedia was Greg Rewis, who had previously been the product manager of GoLive CyberStudio.[6] Dreamweaver CS3 took the place of GoLive 9 in Creative Suite 3. Further development and sales of GoLive was eventually discontinued on April 28, 2008.[7]


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