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JRun Studio was an integrated development environment (IDE) that was developed for use with JRun server software from Allaire Corporation, and then Macromedia.

Product history[]

Beta testing of JRun Studio began in 2000.[1] JRun Studio was based on HomeSite by Nick Bradbury. It was also bundled with a "Lite" version of TopStyle, a newer editor designed by Bradbury for W3C validation.[2]

After Macromedia absorbed Allaire in a merger in March 2001,[3] JRun Studio was bundled as part of Macromedia JRun 3 UltraDev 4 Studio. Sales and development of JRun Studio was discontinued on May 13, 2002.[4] It was superseded by Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.[5][6]


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Discontinued in August 2007