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John Henry Thompson and IBM PC 1984

Thompson and a PC XT in 1984

John Henry Michael Thompson (born June 15, 1959), known among his peers as "J.T.",[1] is a Jamaican-American software engineer that was the chief scientist of MacroMind and its successor, Macromedia.[2]

Early life and education[]

Thompson was born to Jamaican laborers who frequently moved between cities for work. He credits his mother who "encouraged me to excel in school and taught me that education is a stepping-stone to financial and creative independence."[3]

Thompson earned a degree in Computer Science and Visual Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983. [2] His younger brother Jervis W. Thompson also pursued computer science and excelled as a student.[4]


In 1984, Thompson joined LucasFilm's Droid Works, where he worked on EditDroid, a pioneering non-linear editing system.[5]

Macromedia Director Lingo Workshop cover

Macromedia Director Lingo Workshop by John "J.T." Thompson

MacroMind and Macromedia[]

Thompson and Erik Neumann are credited with creating the Lingo programming language that was used by Macromedia Director.[1] Thompson's other projects included MacroMind VideoWorks II, VideoWorks Accelerator, MediaMaker, and Action!.[2]


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