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John Knoll 2000 photo

John Knoll is a visual effects supervisor who co-created Adobe Photoshop.

While John was a young employee at Industrial Light & Magic in 1988, his brother Thomas Knoll created a simple program named Display 0.07 to show simulated grayscale graphics on a Macintosh Plus computer.[1] John convinced Thomas to to turn Display into a full image editing application. John then met with executives at Barneyscan, Apple Computer, and finally Adobe Systems, to help close a distribution deal that would eventually lead to Adobe Photoshop 1.0. During development, he also created plug-ins for Photoshop.[2]

Jennifer in Paradise 1987

"Jennifer in Paradise"

Knoll used a 1987 vacation photo of his fiancée Jennifer at Bora Bora as the first demonstration image for early versions of Photoshop.[3]


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