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macOS (formerly Mac OS X) is a series of graphical operating systems developed and marketed by Apple for its Macintosh line of computers. It succeeded the "classic" Mac OS (which dates back to the launch of the original Macintosh in 1984) and NeXTSTEP (which was developed at NeXT after Steve Jobs left Apple).[1] It has since been superseded by macOS, starting with macOS 10.12 "Sierra" in 2016.[2]

Adobe Creative Suite does not work on any recent version of macOS; alternatives from Adobe include a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, or Adobe Photoshop Elements & Adobe Premiere Elements.

Native PDF support[]

Apple Quartz PDF icon

Quartz PDF icon

Mac OS X used a PDF-based imaging model called Quartz. This replaced NeXTSTEP's Display PostScript implementation to avoid royalty fees to Adobe Systems.[1][3] However, as Mac OS X's use of PDF prioritizes speed and compatibility over features and compression, it is limited to PDF 1.3 (or PDF 1.4 for document "bundles" which contain embedded graphics).[4][5] Newer PDF files will either display incorrectly or cause a performance hit as Mac OS X will internally downconvert the document for display.[6]

Version history[]

 Mac OS X version  Code name Release date  Note
 Mac OS X Server 1.0  Rhapsody 1999-03-16  
 Mac OS X Public Beta  Kodiak 2000-09-13  
 10.0 "Cheetah"   2001-03-24  
 10.1 "Puma"   2001-09-25  
 10.2 "Jaguar"   2002-08-23  
 10.3 "Panther"  Pinot 2003-10-24  
 10.4 "Tiger"  Merlot 2005-10-29  Last to support classic Mac OS apps, and first to support Intel processors.
 10.5 "Leopard"  Chablis 2007-10-26  First version to fully support 64-bit apps (CS4 and later).
 10.6 "Snow Leopard"   2009-08-28  Last version to support PowerPC apps (CS2 and earlier).
 10.7 "Lion"  Barolo 2011-07-20  Required for first Creative Cloud app.[7] Java no longer included by default.[8]
 10.8 "Mountain Lion"  Zinfandel 2012-07-25  
 10.9 "Mavericks"  Cabernet 2013-10-22  Issues with Premiere Pro CS3.[9]
 10.10 "Yosemite"  Syrah 2014-10-16  
 10.11 "El Capitan"  Gala 2015-09-30  Last version to allow installation of CS3 (can upgrade once pre-installed).
 macOS version  Code name Release date  Note
 10.12 "Sierra"  Fuji 2016-09-20  
 10.13 "High Sierra"  Lobo 2017-09-25  Issues with InDesign CS3,[10] Photoshop CC 2015 and earlier.[11]
 10.14 "Mojave"  Liberty[2] 2018-09-24  Last to support 32-bit apps (CS3). Last version to allow installation of CS4 to 6 (security adjustments required).[12]
 10.15 "Catalina"  Jazz 2019-10-07  No longer supports 32-bit apps. Last version to support CS6 with some workarounds.[13]
 11.0 "Big Sur"  GoldenGate 2020-11-12  Begins transition from 64-bit Intel to Apple processors.
 12.0 "Monterey"  Star 2021-10-25  
 13.0 "Ventura"  Rome 2022-10-24  
 14.0 "Sonoma"  Sunburst 2023-??-?? In development.


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