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MacroMind ArtGrabber with Body Shop cover

ArtGrabber with Body Shop from Hayden Software

MacroMind ArtGrabber is a graphics utility that was developed by MacroMind and published by Hayden Software.[1]


ArtGrabber was implemented by Jay Fenton as a desk accessory instead of an application so that early Macintosh computers without multitasking capabilities could launch it while another program was running to fetch MacPaint graphics which could be copied and pasted into other documents. It does not support vector-based PICT files from MacDraw.[2]

MacroMind ArtGrabber with Body Shop cover back

Back cover of ArtGrabber with Body Shop

Product history[]

ArtGrabber was initially released in 1985 with Body Shop, a clip art library created by Mark Stephen Pierce. The graphical elements were designed in pieces that could be assembled by the user.

In 1986, an updated version, ArtGrabber+ was bundled with MacroMind Utility Disk.[2][3] It was also bundled with VideoWorks II, which was self-published by MacroMind in 1987.[4]


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