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MacroMind SoundVision was the first multimedia project developed by MacroMind (predecessor of Macromedia).[1]

Product history[]

The name "SoundVision" originated from a theoretical multimedia machine that MacroMind co-founder Marc Canter had dreamt of while performing with a band called Pitch in the late 1970s.[2]

After the introduction of Apple Computer's Macintosh 128K in January 1984, MacroMind designed SoundVision with graphics, text, and sound capabilities, which were timed by a "score" based on an early implementation of MIDI.[1][3] At the insistence of Hayden Software, the publisher, the sound and graphics features were split into two products that became MacroMind MusicWorks and VideoWorks, which were released in October 1984 and June 1985, respectively.[1][4]


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