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MacroMind Three-D was an early 3D animation and rendering animation package from MacroMind.[1]

Product history[]

Development began in 1988 with a team started by 3D scientist Julian E. Gómez.[2] MacroMind Three-D was released in 1991 as a sister product to MacroModel, which was released the following year. Both were succeeded by Macromedia Extreme 3D in 1996.[3][4]


MacroMind Three-D 3DWorks about screen

3DWorks info screen

  • MacroMind 3DWorks - animation, lighting, and camera setup.[1]
    • MacroMind ModelMover - imports and converts 3D models from other software packages.[3]
  • MacroMind RenderWorks - renders of 3DWorks projects in 8 or 32-bit color.
  • MacroMind FireWorks (formerly ImageWorks during development) - post-production of RenderWorks graphics into PICT sequences or PICS files.[3]
  • MacroMind Accelerator - compiles image sequences into a streaming file that can be played back quickly from memory.

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