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MacroModel was an early 3D modeling application from Macromedia that could be used in conjunction with MacroMind Three-D.[1][2]

Product history[]

MacroModel was a successor to Swivel 3D that was developed for Macintosh by MacroMind-Paracomp.[3] The application was designed by Young Harvill, who led the engineering team.[4] It supported spline-based editing and conversion to mesh geometry.[5] It was released in 1992 by newly-formed Macromedia.[1] Some of the graphics in the early CD-ROM game Myst were produced with MacroModel.[6]

Version 1.5 added support for Windows in June 1993.[7][8] This version was included with Macromedia Director Multimedia Studio.[9]

Version 1.5.3 shipped on August 1, 1994 and added native support for PowerPC processors to run up to 4 times faster on Power Macintosh computers.[10]

MacroModel was succeeded by Macromedia Extreme 3D on January 31, 1996.[11][12]


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