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Macromedia Attain Objects for Dreamweaver is an extension to Dreamweaver 2 or 3 that was developed by Macromedia for creating web-based learning content and interactive web pages. A visual library of customizable learning interactions facilitates the development of sophisticated interactivity for the web without plug-ins or applets.

Product history[]

The Attain Objects extensions superseded Macromedia Dreamweaver Attain, a customized version of Dreamweaver 1.2 that had the e-learning features built directly into it.[1][2] Attain Objects for Dreamweaver was released electronically on June 17, 1999 and in packaged form later that month.[3]

Attain Objects for Dreamweaver was succeeded by Macromedia CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver in December 1999.[4]


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