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Macromedia Backstage Desktop Studio box

Box of Backstage Desktop Studio 1.0

Backstage was a line of website development tools created by iBand and later acquired by Macromedia.[1] Its major competitors at the time were Adobe PageMill and SiteMill, and Vermeer Frontpage.[2][3]

Product history[]

Macromedia Backstage Designer screen

Screenshot of Backstage Designer

In December 1995, iBand first announced Backstage for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT.[2] Beta testing for Windows 95 and NT began in March 1996.[4]

Macromedia acquired iBand and the Backstage product line on March 13, 1996.[5] Version 1.0 of Macromedia Backstage Desktop Studio and Enterprise Studio were released as part of a trial beta program in April 1996 and shipped on April 29 and July 1, respectively.[6][7][8][9]

Macromedia Backstage Internet Studio 2 box

Box of Backstage Internet Studio 2

Macromedia began beta testing Backstage Internet Studio 2 in December 1996.[10] It was released in the first quarter of 1997 in Desktop and Enterprise editions.[11]


The codebase of Backstage later became the foundation of Macromedia Dreamweaver.[3] In December 2005, Macromedia itself was acquired by Adobe Systems.[12] Adobe then rebranded the program as Adobe Dreamweaver, which replaced their own GoLive HTML editor.[3]


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