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Macromedia Backstage Designer Plus was a WYSIWYG HTML editor that was released by Macromedia.

Product history[]

Macromedia Backstage Designer screen

Screenshot of Backstage Designer from Backstage Desktop Studio 1.0

The program began as Backpage Designer, which was developed by iBand and entered into Beta testing for Windows 95 and NT in March 1996, while the Macintosh version was still in development.[1][2]

After iBand was acquired by Macromedia,[1] Backstage Designer Plus was bundled with Macromedia PowerApplets and released as part of version 1.0 of Macromedia Backstage Desktop Studio and Enterprise Studio, which shipped on April 29 and July 1, 1996, respectively.[3][4][5]

It was also released as part of Macromedia Backstage Internet Studio 2 in the first quarter of 1997.[6]

The WYSIWYG codebase of Backstage became the foundation of its successor, Macromedia Dreamweaver.[7]


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