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Macromedia Deck II was a multi-track sound editing application that was distributed by Macromedia, typically in a bundle with Macromedia SoundEdit 16. Both were also included with Macintosh versions of Macromedia Director Multimedia Studio.


Deck II 2.5 supports up to 999 16-bit audio tracks. Up to 32 tracks can be played back simultaneously on a Power Macintosh computer with real-time non-destructive effects.

Product history[]

OSC Deck logo

Original Deck logo

Deck II became a Macromedia product through the acquisition of OSC in November 1995. Deck II was then sold to Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS).[1] Deck 3.5 added support for Mac OS X. BIAS also offered a 8-track "limited edition" version as Deck LE.


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