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Macromedia DevNet Professional sleeve

Macromedia DevNet was a software and support subscription service from Macromedia.

Product history[]

Macromedia DevNet Professional 2004 sleeve

(2004 Pro update)

Macromedia launched DevNet on February 10, 2003 with two levels of subscriptions. A DevNet Professional annual subscription included software from its Macromedia Studio MX Plus suite, along with access to upgrades as new versions became available.[1][2] It was also offered as an upgrade to owners of Macromedia Studio MX.[3]


Resource Kits[]

Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit sleeve

A DevNet Essentials subscription was limited to access to DevNet Resource Kit CD-ROMs, which included components and extensions for Macromedia MX development tools.[1] Originally known as the Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit,[4] the first two volumes were combined into a "Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Special Edition" which was included with Macromedia Studio MX Plus. DevNet subscribers continued to receive additional volumes on a quarterly basis.[2] The final release was volume 13 in October 2005.[5]


On January 3, 2005, Macromedia migrated business subscribers to a volume licensing program. Support was ended by Adobe Systems (which had acquired Macromedia) on February 1, 2006.[6]


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