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Macromedia Extreme 3D 2 was the second (and last) major version of the Extreme 3D modeling, animation, and rendering application developed and marketed by Macromedia.[1]

Extreme 3D 2 was supposed to have been included with Macromedia FreeHand Graphics Studio 7 in October 1996. However development was behind schedule and the suite shipped initially shipped with version 1. The newer version was added later when it became available on December 16, 1996.[2][3] Macromedia discontinued stand-alone sales of Extreme 3D 2 in 1998 with "no plans to develop future versions".[4]

New features[]

  • Web-ready output to VRML, GIF, progressive JPEG, and xRes, with support for the Shockwave Imaging browser plug-in
  • Metaform tool for creating complex organic forms
  • Particle tool for smoke, fire, and bubble effects
  • "Xtras" plug-in architecture to add support for file formats and material/light shaders
  • Transparency in shadows
  • QuickDraw 3D and Direct 3D Support


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