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Macromedia Fireworks 1 is the first public release of Fireworks, released by Macromedia on June 2, 1998.[1]

Product history[]


Macromedia Fireworks 1.0 in 1998

Development of Fireworks began at Macromedia's Digital Arts Group (formerly Altsys) in Richardson, Texas. It was created by engineers from the Macromedia FreeHand team and the two software projects often shared resources.[2] Fireworks was announced on March 10, 1998 and a free public beta was released.[3] To encourage adoption after the discontinuation of Macromedia xRes,[4] free 30-day trials were offered.[5]

Fireworks 1.0 was also included as part of Macromedia Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio,[6] which was released on December 7, 1998.[7]


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