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Macromedia FlashPaper, previously known as Flash Printer, is a software-based virtual printer that was marketed by Macromedia. It was positioned as a competitor to Adobe Acrobat's PDF format through the use of Flash SWF files as an alternative document format.

Product historyEdit

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Flash Printer was originally developed by Blue Pacific Software. After the software was acquired by Macromedia,[1] FlashPaper was initially bundled with Macromedia Contribute 2 and supported Macromedia Flash Player 6 or later.[2] FlashPaper 2 was included with Contribute 3, Macromedia Studio 8, and Adobe Web Bundle.[3][4]

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Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia in December 2005 and announced in 2008 that development on FlashPaper was being discontinued.[5][6] Blue Pacific then released Print2Flash as a substitute product.[7] Support from Adobe for FlashPaper users ended on August 1, 2011.[8]


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