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Macromedia Generator was a server-side application that was developed by Macromedia to automatically generate graphics from Flash-based templates.

Product history[]

Originally named Flash Generator, the program ran on JRun and used Macromedia Flash 3 files as templates. Flash Generator entered into public beta testing in May 1998.[1] It was released as Macromedia Generator on August 17, 1998.[2] Once automated, it could build on the templates with provided data to generate animated GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs, QuickTime movies, and Flash files for Macintosh or Windows computers.[3] It also supported building charts.[4]

Macromedia Generator 2 box

Generator 2

Macromedia Generator 2 was released in October 4, 1999 and supported Flash 4-based files.[5] The Enterprise Edition initially had a street price of US$30,000,[6] but was repriced to $2,999 on April 10, 2001. The Developer Edition was priced at $999 per server.[7] It also worked with Flash 5 and was included as part of Macromedia Flash 5 Generator Studio.[3][8]


Macromedia discontinued sales of Generator on December 31, 2002. Support for Generator ended in June 2003; the last update was version 2.6.[9]

Macromedia sought to migrate users to Macromedia Flash MX,[9] but Generator was discontinued without support for Flash MX.[3] Developers found an alternative through JGenerator, an open-source Java application from JZox which offered similar functionality with support for Flash MX.[10][11] On December 11, 2003, Macromedia signed a licensing agreement with JZox, which no longer sells JGenerator.[11][12]


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