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Adobe JRun 4, formerly Macromedia JRun 4, is a J2EE application server that was marketed by Macromedia and then Adobe Systems.

Product history[]

Macromedia JRun 4 box

Macromedia's retail box of JRun 4

JRun was originally developed in 1997 as a Java servlet engine by Live Software and purchased by Allaire in 1999.[1][2] A working prototype of JRun 4 was first presented at the 2000 Allaire Developer Conference in Washington, D.C. [3] Allaire was absorbed into Macromedia through a merger in 2001,[4] and then acquired by Adobe Systems when it bought Macromedia in December 2005.[5]

JRun 4 was included as a J2EE application server with Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 and Adobe ColdFusion 8.[6] Its latest patch Updater 7 was released by Adobe in 2007. Updater 7 added Sun JDK 1.6 support, Apache 2.2 support, Windows Vista/IIS7 support and Mac OS X 10.4 on Intel support.


Allaire announced at the 2000 Allaire Developer Conference that their product roadmap included a successor to JRun 4, codenamed "Trinity", which would support Simple Object Access Protocol and business-to-business integration services.[3]

Adobe Systems announced that it would discontinue sales and new feature development of JRun on August 3, 2007.[6] Adobe's ColdFusion development team continued to make updates to its underlying Java engine as required up to ColdFusion 9,[7] but replaced JRun in favor of Apache Tomcat since ColdFusion 10.[8]


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