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Macromedia PowerApplets are a collection of web components authored in Java and Shockwave that were provided by Macromedia to help developers create dynamic multimedia web pages with visual impact without complex programming.[1]

The PowerApplets were bundled with Macromedia Backstage Designer Plus and as part of Backstage Desktop Studio and Enterprise Studio.[2][3] Macromedia also released Macromedia AppletAce to visually configure and test the PowerApplets.[4]


  • Animator animates an image or image sequence across a display area using a simple set of animation paths.
  • Banners displays a series of one or more moving messages within an area on a web page.
  • Bullets allows the display one of two kinds of Java-animated markers on a web page - bullets or separators.
  • Charts displays data in one of four bar chart formats on a web page.
  • Imagemap can highlight or replace art in hot regions on an imagemap.
  • Icons displays a collection of useful animated objects for web pages.


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