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Macromedia SoundEdit 16 v2 box

Macromedia SoundEdit 16 was a sound editing application that was distributed by Macromedia.

Product history[]

Macromedia SoundEdit 16+Deck II box

SoundEdit 16 was first shipped on July 5, 1994. It is the successor to SoundEdit Pro, which had been published by predecessor company MacroMind-Paracomp. It supported CD-quality 16-bit audio and the ability to handle sound files larger than available RAM.[1]

SoundEdit 16 was also bundled with Macromedia Deck II until the latter was sold to Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS) in 1999.[2][3] Both had been included with Macromedia Director Multimedia Studio.


The last release was version 2.0.7. Macromedia discontinued sales of SoundEdit 16 on December 1, 2004. Technical support ended on June 1, 2005.[4]


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