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Macromedia xRes 2 is the second major version of the xRes image editing application and the first major new version to be released by Macromedia after its acquisition of Fauve Software on August 30, 1995.[1][2] xRes 2 was also bundled with Macromedia Director Multimedia Studio and Macromedia FreeHand Graphics Studio.


Macromedia combined the features of Fauve's Matisse painting software with their xRes high-resolution image editing engine into xRes 2.[3]


Macromedia offered a competitive upgrade to Adobe Photoshop users and claimed that a Photoshop user would be able to learn how to use xRes 2 in about 15 minutes. However, Macromedia also insisted that xRes was a complimentary product that could be used together with Photoshop.[3]


The Macintosh version of xRes 2.0 was shipped on February 13, 1996.[1] The Windows version shipped on May 22.[4]

A "Special Edition" (SE) version was also bundled with Macromedia Authorware Interactive Studio and Macromedia Backstage Designer Plus.[5][6]


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