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Magento is an e-commerce platform that was acquired by Adobe Systems on June 19, 2018.[1] It is now a key part of Adobe Commerce Cloud.[2]



Meet Magento Commerce Cloud, your data-driven ecommerce platform

Magento was originally developed at Varien, a web development company, and launched in 2007.[3] eBay invested in a minority stake in the company in 2010 and acquired the remainder of the company in its entirety on August 17, 2011.[4] A majority stake in Magento was sold to Permira for $150 million in 2015. Private equity investor Hillhouse Capital Group provided $250 million in funding in 2017. Though the technology was open source, the company was reportedly valued at about $700 million at the time. Adobe Systems offered $1.68 billion to acquire the company in 2018.[5]


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