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Marc Canter MacroMind card 1987

Canter promotes VideoWorks II in 1987.

Marc A. Canter (born January 13, 1957) is one of the co-founders and former chairman of MacroMind,[1][2] the predecessor of Macromedia, which was acquired by Adobe Systems in December 2005.[3]

Early life and education[]

In 1975, Canter entered Oberlin College in Ohio for his undergraduate studies. He also attended the Art Institute of Chicago and performed with a band named Pitch in the late 1970s.[4][5][6]


In the early 1980s, Canter entered graduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago and worked at Bally Midway, where he worked on the music for Ms. Gorf, Professor Pac-Man, and Spy Hunter.[4]


MacroMind co-founders Pierce Canter Fenton 1985

MacroMind co-founders Mark Stephen Pierce, Canter, and Jay Fenton in 1985.

Canter co-founded MacroMind in Chicago, Illinois with Jay Fenton and Mark Stephen Pierce in April 1984.[7] His development of multimedia creation tools led to him being called the "godfather of multimedia".[6] In November 1990, Canter relinquished his role as chairman of MacroMind to focus on developing standards and technology. Electronic Arts co-founder Tim Mott took over Canter's role.[8]

In 1991, Mott became CEO of the newly-merged MacroMind-Paracomp. Canter said that he found out that he had been ousted when he discovered that no office nor parking space had been assigned to him at the company's new address.[9][10] At the time of his departure, his shares of Macromedia were worth US$10 million.[6]

After MacroMind[]

About a month later in early 1992, Canter received a call from Steve Jobs, who had left Apple and founded NeXT. Jobs asked Canter to develop for their new system. However, Canter declined because NeXT only had monochrome computer models that did not support color at the time.[11] He has since become a start-up adviser.[12]

Personal life[]

Canter was previously married to Devorah Samet, a fellow student from the Art Institute of Chicago who was also one of the original co-founders of MacroMind; they have 3 children.[13][14] After returning to Ohio, Canter married Lisa Brewer, a manager at McKesson Corporation; they have 2 daughters. In 2017, Canter contended with allegations of harassment by past colleagues.[6][12][15]


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