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Marva Warnock presents Adobe logo

Marva presents the Adobe logo to co-founders Charles Geschke (center) and John Warnock (right) in 1982.

Marva Mullins Warnock is an illustrator who designed the original logo for Adobe Systems in 1982, which is still in use today. She is married to co-founder John Warnock and has three children.[1]


Marva attended the University of Utah, where she met John Warnock; they were married in September 1965.[2] Marva assisted the family of co-founder Charles Geschke when he was kidnapped in 1992.[3] She is a former partner and graphic designer of Marsh Design of Palo Alto, California and presently operates the Blue Boar Inn in Midway, Utah with her husband John while working on philanthropic projects.[2][4] The John E. & Marva M. Warnock Engineering Building was named after them and built in 2007 at the University of Utah.[5]



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