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Omniture is a web analytics company that was acquired by Adobe Systems on October 23, 2009.[1]


The company was originally founded in 1996 as SuperStats by Josh James and John Pestana in Provo, Utah. It was named after its flagship service, which was launched in 1997. The company relocated to Orem, Utah and became in 1999.[2] It was officially renamed Omniture on May 6, 2002 and went public in June 2006.[3][4]

Adobe campus construction in Lehi, Utah 2012-03-28

Construction of a new campus in Lehi, Utah.

After being acquired by Adobe, the Omniture brand was retired in 2012 and the company headquarters was moved from Orem to a new campus being constructed in Lehi, Utah.[5] It is now known as Adobe Analytics and is a key part of Adobe's online services initiative through Adobe Marketing Cloud.[6]


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